These tours are planned to explore the different cultures in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. We focus specifically on some of the most remote and amazing nature in those countries, with the emphasis on the arts, people, traditions, and customs of specific tribes and communities.

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Tour Of Jordan April 24′

Discovering the Land of the Nabataeans (6NIGHTS/7DAYS) The Nabataeans were fierce nomads who controlled the trade routes in much of the Arabian Desert. Their control spread from present day Syria to north Hijaz in Saudi Arabia. Their dominance over these crucial trade routes brought considerable wealth and influence during the 4th and 2d centuries BC. Their capital city is the 'Rose City', better known as Petra. This journey that we embark on takes us to the backroads of Petra and Wady Mosa. Utilizing camels or mules, we will roam the mountains and cliffs with the present-day nomads, eat their food, learn more about their culture, and sleep in ancient caves and tombs of the ancient cities beyond the mountains. Literally, we will live like the ancient nomadic Nabataeans. On the final day we will have a luxury night at a hotel and visit all the known sites...