Egypt Mystics Tour (Dahabyia) (pdf)… 10 NIGHTS/11 DAYS

Have you ever imagined what it is like to sail down the Nile River? Have you wondered how it is like to present in sacred temples at specific magical solar moments? This is an exclusive and unique opportunity for you to get first-hand experience on how it was like to sail the waters of the eternal river and to witness the rising equinox sun at a sacred place built and aligned specifically to capture this amazing spectacle of the rising equinox sun. This is your private tour that is designed precisely for you to enjoy the magical places in Egypt at your own pace and leisure. The trip is NOT main-stream or commercial tour of Egypt, it is an authentic experience of travelling across the mystical and sacred land. Furthermore, throughout the tour you will be served amazing traditional Egyptian food, freshly prepared and coked with love; courtesy of our people. You will dive deeper into the culture and the land of Egypt, visit hidden gems, harbor on isolated islands and meet different seclude tribes. You will witness amazing sunrises, magnificent sunsets, sail over blue waters, visit ancient temples and quarries, practice yoga and meditation in a magical and eternal landscape. This is NOT just another touristic tour to Egypt, this is a life-changing experience; it’s a journey; a journey for your soul, body and mind to alleviate, relax, to be enlightened and to self-discover; where every step is an adventure and an authentic experience.

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