EGYPT has quite a few ancient desert highways; most of them are unexplored. We tend to explore a lot of these desert trails. Recently, amazing efforts by few desert enthusiasts opened new trails in the Red Sea Trail (RST), and Sinai- the Sinai Trail (ST). I plan to open new trails in the Western Desert and this is the second undertaking; following a very successful trail we crossed in the area of North Fayoum.
The area we will cross is in areas that are less traveled and still has a lot of mysteries and amazing hidden landscapes. We will be hiking each day for 20-25km in the vast and magnificent region between the oases of Baharyia and Farfara. This track will also include the picturesque and the unique White Desert.
The White Desert is one of its kind on earth; certainly a unique and magnificent area that lies in the heart of the Western Desert of Egypt. It is like being on a different planet with lunar landscape, amazing sunsets and spectacular night skies. This trip is designed to get a complete desert experience; silence, camels, unmatched landscapes, and traditional food. This is a journey through time and unique spaces where one can rejuvenate and self-reflect for a deeper self-understanding while enjoying a physically challenging experience which elevate the whole experience.
This is a different desert and certainly a unique crossing of one of the most spectacular areas of the Sahara Desert.

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